Friday, June 09, 2006

Your little ray of sunshine...

...is in my three-wood, children. Yes, the Club That Dare Not Be Replaced hasn't been replaced, but it's been upgraded, that's for damn sure. For years I hit the stock King Cobra SS 3W with the stock Aldila HM-Tour in it; a light, mid-kick, fairly whippy shaft. I loved it. Hit the everloving piss out of it. I've had other 3W's come through the bag, but never for long; The Bitch was just always the weapon of war.

Well, Donovan's assistance in the gym this winter has finally rendered The Bitch just a hair too flappy. It still went long and straight when hit smoothly, but I couldn't grunt on it anymore. Well, I could, and I'd make contact, too, but god knows where it'd end up. Deep and right, snaphooked, three yard draw - I'd give you a thirty-three split on each, right there. So I did my research, figured that I could do a lot worse than putting a matching Fujikura Vista Pro 70 in it like my driver...and then found out that Fujikura is so deep in trying to ship out their OEM comittments that there's no way you're getting a Fuji, no how, no way...so I went to plan B, and, well...

Let's just say that I think it's lust.

Grafalloy CompNT Prototype 85, stiff. Mid kick, mid flex, 2.7 degrees of torque, just a snatch-hair overlength...and it is the golfing equivalent of the railgun. Point and shoot. Hell, the driver might be next...


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